ENZO Mentor Program

Are you looking to become a leader in the beauty industry? Do you feel passionate about helping others promote and further their careers? Interested in being involved in an elite training program and sharing your talent? If you answered yes to these questions now is the time for you to join our team of talented mentors at The ENZO Academy! Support your industry and help train the next generation of beauty experts and ENZO Academy graduates as they begin their careers and take the next step within the beauty industry.

The ENZO Academy is dedicated to creating meaningful and valuable opportunities within our industry—we are also focused on helping beauty professionals like yourself give back. By sharing your knowledge and expertise with advanced graduates of our program, you will develop valuable skills that will aid you as you progress in your career. At the same time, you will become an integral influence to impressionable and eager students through this mentorship and leadership initiative.

ENZO Mentor Qualifications

All ENZO Academy mentors are hand-picked and identified by a select panel of brand ambassadors. The ENZO Academy team prides ourselves in our ability to select the true elite professionals within the beauty industry—as such, we have devised a specific list of requirements and qualifications that all program mentors must hold.

An ENZO Mentor must:

  • Be a freelance artist with a minimum two years of active experience within the industry
  • Have a professional, live website
  • Have an active social media presence
  • Be passionate about supporting the beauty industry
  • Be open and honest about their knowledge and professional experience
  • Be focused on inspiring others to further their careers
  • Show dedication to helping and leading new ENZO Academy graduates
  • Want to be rewarded for sharing their talents

Does this sound like you? Then what are you waiting for? Become an ENZO Academy Mentor today! Apply to our program now—showcase your talents, help others and support our industry!